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Governance &
Structure Division

Local Government Restructure Program


The Restructure Process

The program has evolved a well established process for major restructure projects, based on several key principles, which is summarised in the following table.



Ministry Role


1. Preliminary
  • Initial contact from community to Ministry
  • general information provided
  • Evaluation of the local context for Minister
  • Explanation of process for public - potential public meeting attendance
2. Restructure Committee
  • Creation of broadly representative local restructure committee
  • Committee's main task is to oversee preparation of restructure study, and manage public consultation
  • Minister sanctions study process - 'approval in principle'
  • staff provide advice on the formation of committee and design of local discussion process
3. Restructure Study
  • Terms of reference, proposal call, selection of consultant
  • Purpose of study is to obtain objective information on fiscal impact of restructure, implications for local services and political representation, etc.
  • Minister approves restructure planning grant
  • Staff act as resource as necessary
4. Decision
  • study findings presented to community
  • committee makes recommendation to Minister whether or not hold a vote
5. Implementation
  • Vote held
  • If vote passes, implementation process
  • Staff prepare Letters Patent
  • Minister takes Letters Patent to Cabinet
  • staff coordinate Ministry post implementation assistance
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