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Executive Management Certificate Papers

The Certificate in Local Government Executive Management* is one of four certificates offered by the Provincial Board of Examiners. Chief Administrative Officers (CAO’s) and Deputy CAO’s may receive this level of certification upon meeting the requirements under Section 5 of the Local Government Employees Certification Regulation
(BC Reg.324/2005). Section 5(e) authorizes the Board to grant a Certificate in Local Government Executive Management to a person who: "has completed, to the Board's satisfaction, an oral and written presentation to the Board on a topic related to local government administration." This section is applicable once the other work experience and academic requirements pursuant to sections 5 (a), (b), (c) and (d) have been satisfied.


In respect of the written presentation, the Board favours a "case study" approach with an emphasis on practice. The case study should touch on as many of the challenges that can be expected to be faced by the CAO/Deputy CAO and provide insight into the Officer’s approach towards local government administration. Specifically, the paper should demonstrate the Officer’s on-the-job performance as a senior local government officer and how the Officer handled the dynamics of a challenging situation.


The Board of Examiners considers this body of work to be a catalogue of the types of issues faced by local government CAO’s. The papers provide a historical perspective of the challenges faced and how those challenges were met relative to the legislative framework and the management tools available at the time the papers were written. These papers will provide some insight as to how issues were managed then as opposed to how they may be managed today. A contemporary perspective will be offered by updating this site with future Executive Management papers approved by the Board.

* This level of certification was first introduced in 1990 and was called the “Advanced Certificate in Municipal Management”. In 2001, the certificate became the “Advanced Certificate in Local Government Management” and in 2005, with the introduction of regulation - BC Reg.325/2005, the certificate became the “Certificate in Local Government Executive Management”.

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