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Parkland Acquisition Best Practices


Any local government currently charging Parkland DCCs or using 5% dedication/cash-in-lieu should consider the best practices described in the guide. The best practices were established to provide a consistent policy approach for local government parkland acquisition.

Topics covered by the best practices include:

  • Avoiding double charging;
  • Land vs. cash-in-lieu;
  • Basis for the 5% calculation;
  • Selecting park land within a subdivision;
  • Determining the cash-in-lieu value;
  • Park frontage costs;
  • Consideration for parkland needs; and
  • Considerations for non-residential parkland requirements.

These best practices were prepared by the Development Finance Review Committee (DFRC). The DFRC is a committee comprised of the Ministry of Community and Rural Development, local government and the development industry. The Committee advises the Ministry of Community and Rural Development on changes to development finance legislation and best practices.

Municipalities across the province were surveyed regarding parkland acquisition practices. Based on the results of the survey and DFRC's discussions Parkland Acquisition Best Practices (4.7 MB) were prepared. The Ministry's guides for Development Cost Charges (4.7 MB) and Development Finance Choices (491 KB) will be amended to incorporate these new best practices for parkland acquisition.


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