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Local Government Grants


The general definition of a grant is simply: a transfer of money from one organization to another. In the case of local governments, grants can be one of two types: conditional or unconditional. Conditional grants are monies transferred for a specific purpose that may not be used for any other project. Unconditional grants, on the other hand, can be used for any purpose the recipient sees fit.

Conditional Grant Programs

Conditional grants can be given by the Provincial and Federal governments as well as by local governments. The Local Government Division has responsibility for the maintenance of a number of provincial conditional grant programs including:

Unconditional Grant Programs

The core of unconditional transfers to local governments in British Columbia are the: Collectively, these are known as Community and Regional District Grants. Allocations under these transfer programs are governed by the Local Government Grants Act Regulation and are administered by the Local Government Division.


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