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Local Government Restructure Glossary


The following describes frequently used terms:

Amalgamation: The combining of two (or more) existing municipalities (no rural territory), approved by vote within each municipality.
Incorporation: Incorporation of a new municipality (from previously rural territory), approved by vote of the community.
Restructure: A generic term for any major change in structure. In addition to new municipal incorporations, it applies to the inclusion of significant population and rural territory into an existing municipality or municipalities. Complex projects may include concurrent options of incorporation as a new municipality and inclusion within an existing municipality. Designation as a restructure (by the Minister) qualifies the project for restructuring assistance.
Boundary Extension: Inclusion of rural territory within an existing municipality, usually small in area and population. Do not qualify for restructuring assistance. May involve complex servicing, land use or development issues, and transitional measures. Related items include boundary reduction, status change and amendment to tax provisions in letters patent.
Regional District Structure: Realignment of electoral area or regional district boundaries, and other corporate items (e.g. number of electoral areas, voting).
Service Review: For municipalities or regional districts, the review of significant local service delivery issues. Often applies on a sub-regional basis.
Rural Services and Governance: Review of (non-municipal) community governance and services, notably including the potential transfer of improvement districts. Can involve Ministry resources for dispute resolution.
Policy Development: The Branch contributes to a range of policy development initiatives and development of legislation.


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