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Municipal Restructure Process


The following is a summary of the municipal restructure process:

  1. An individual, group, or local government contacts the ministry to indicate there is community support for a restructure study and to inquire about the restructure process.
  2. The ministry, along with the municipality and local citizens, assess the local context to determine if a broad base of community support exists for considering incorporation.
  3. A restructure study committee is formed from residents that is broadly representative of the community.
  4. The committee asks the minister for approval in principle to conduct a restructure study.
  5. If the minister decides that approval in principle can be given, the committee establishes terms of reference for both the committee and the restructure study and selects an independent consultant to conduct the study.
  6. The committee makes a formal request to the minister for a restructure planning grant to fund the study.
  7. If the minister approves the grant, the consultant works with the committee to produce an objective study on the impact of municipal restructure to both municipal and rural area citizens.
  8. The ministry provides an offer of provincial assistance, financial and otherwise, that it will give to the municipality if the restructure proceeds. This information is incorporated into the restructure study.
  9. The final study is presented to both the municipal and rural area communities for public discussion and input.
  10. Based on community input, the committee decides whether to recommend to the minister that a vote be held to decide if the majority of the electorate support the municipal restructure.
  11. If the committee recommends that a vote be held and the minister agrees, an order to hold a vote will be given. Community meetings are held leading up to the referendum so that local citizens have every opportunity to make an informed choice.
  12. Generally a referendum is held in both the municipality and in the area outside the municipality.
  13. If local citizens in the area outside the municipality and within the municipality both vote in favour of the municipal restructure, Supplementary Letters Patent are prepared for approval by Cabinet. Supplementary Letters Patent are required to change the municipality's boundary description and to address some transitional issues.
  14. The restructure takes place on a date set out in the Supplementary Letters Patent.


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