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Consultation Agreement


On May 6, 2004, Murray Coell, Minister of then Community, Aboriginal and Women's Services, and Frank Leonard, then President of the Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) signed a consultation agreement (61 KB) setting out principles, processes and other considerations for implementing required consultations under the Community Charter.

Community Charter s. 276 requires the minister responsible to consult with representatives of UBCM, as described in the section, before the provincial government takes specified actions (e.g. amends the Community Charter; amends a regulation under the Local Government Grants Act). Those consultations are in addition to the general principle of consultation on matters of mutual interest. Community Charter s. 277 empowers the minister responsible to enter into an agreement with UBCM to fill in some of the practical detail of how such consultations will occur. The agreement (61 KB) was developed in partnership between the Ministry and UBCM to cover required consultations for which the Minister of Community Services is the minister responsible. The agreement builds on the longstanding and positive tradition of consultation between the Ministry and UBCM.

Please direct questions or comments to Advisory Services Branch.

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