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Using the Tables of Concordance


To use the Tables of Concordance, please consult current versions of the Local Government Act (LGA) and the Community Charter. The Tables link the two pieces of legislation and answer the following questions:

  • "What happened to this LGA section in the Charter?"
  • "Where does this Charter section come from in the LGA?"
  • "How does the old (pre-Charter) LGA differ from the new LGA?"

Each of the Tables is presented in a number of pdf files, with each Part in a separate document; within each, the provisions (at the level of subsection) are related to the corresponding provision of the other act. In some cases, there are explanatory comments providing a flavour of the change. In some cases, a single provision of one act relates to multiple provisions in the other act. These will be listed in separate rows in the table. The table below provides a key to the information contained in the Action column in each file.

Note that the "Action" is limited to the action taken when going between the LGA and the Charter, and more than one Action may apply to a single provision. For the effect of the Charter on the LGA, a separate Table of Concordance has been prepared. A Table of Concordance has also been developed to cross-reference the pre-Charter LGA with the post-Charter LGA.



Example/Special Note


Amended (minor) these provisions appear with very minor changes e.g. updated section numbers
Amended (substantive) these provisions appear but have been changed in substantive ways e.g. notice publishing requirements
Concept replaced this concept has been replaced with something new e.g. corporate powers replaced with natural person powers
Local Government Act provisions apply these LGA provisions continue to apply, but there is no explicit pointer from the Charter to the LGA e.g. LGA Part 4, Other Voting and Counter Petition continues to apply, but isn’t referred to directly in the Charter.
NOTE: For a guide to changes to the LGA as a result of the Charter see the LGA 9pre-Charter) - LGA (post Charter) tables of concordance.
Moved to where a concept remains more or less constant, but gets moved within the act e.g. all reasons for councillor’s disqualification have been moved together to section 110.
New provision New provisions that relate in some way to LGA provisions, will “concord” in the Tables of Concordance. New provisions which are entirely new in the Charter, that is, which did not appear in any form in the LGA, will not appear in the LGA→Charter Concordance Table. These will however appear in the Charter→LGA Concordance Table. e.g. most of Part 9, Division 3, Dispute Resolution, is new in the Charter.
Not replaced these provisions have been discontinued in the Charter e.g. specific regulatory powers that were provided in the LGA are not set out in the Charter, since they are subsumed by the broad regulatory powers in section 8.
Refers directly to Local Government Act provision these LGA provisions continue to apply, as explicitly set out in the Charter e.g. election requirements e.g. LGA Part 3, Electors and Elections continues to apply for all local governments, and the Charter refers directly to this in section 81(3).
NOTE: For a guide to changes to the LGA as a result of the Charter, see the LGA (pre-Charter) - LGA (post-Charter) table of concordance.
Unchanged these provisions are carried over, word for word, from the LGA to the Charter e.g. responsibilities of the Mayor, set out in section 218(1) of the LGA, are transferred word-for-word to section 116(1) of the Charter.
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